The Story of "Report it Easily"

June 13, 2018

Welcome to the Reporter App, the all-in-one application that aims to improve your community living standards.

We want to thank you for taking the opportunity in re-evaluating your work order needs and hope we can help you along the way. To give you an idea of who we are let’s start from the initial idea of the Reporter App. First off DRAHOLA Technologies is a small software development company in Lake Wylie, South Carolina founded by Bernie Drahola.


Bernie is a fellow resident of a local HOA here in Lake Wylie. After noticing damaged equipment at the community playground where he would take his kids to play, he noticed filing a maintenance request was a problematic task.

From remembering your HOA login information to wondering when the request will be fulfilled. After that the list of issues that can be reported started to grow and helped spawn the idea to help put the people directly in charge of reporting issues in their community.


While making this idea into the concrete form it is today, we are very proud announce that the Reporter App is fully functional and ready to be put into action by you. Please feel free to schedule a demo at anytime at reportiteasily.com and see how to optimize your work order and improve living in your community.

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