How to Optimize HOA Complaints

June 21, 2018

Being the Property Manager of an HOA comes with many responsibilities from maintaining rules and regulations, mediating disputes among residents, to most importantly maintenance and upkeep of your HOA. With maintenance and upkeep, you are responsible for lawn care, making sure the pool is well maintained, and any other amenity your HOA might offer; that’s a lot for one person to handle.


Part of maintaining property value and ensuring your community looks attractive is to address maintenance requests right away. Which is why we have created the Reporter App to give residents the chance to catch maintenance issues right away and speed up the repair process.


Instead of waiting for your monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly inspections to find issues, the Reporter App allows you to stay on top of repairs day-to-day which in the long run makes your HOA look more attractive and potentially increase property values.

Once residents see issues within the HOA they simply snap a photo with the app, write a quick description and send the issue to one central location. From there you as the Property Manager can filter these requests and send them to your proper team members as a work order. 


Once these are completed you and the resident will be notified all through the app that their request has been fulfilled. Our idea behind the Reporter App is to residents a feeling of satisfaction and really be a part of their community and to give Property Managers a seamless work order
solution and communication tool to optimize your HOA.


Don’t forget to schedule your free
demo at reportiteasily.com or reach out to us at info@drahola.com for any other inquiries.



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